Window Screen Headboard

Nothing says welcome like a comfortable and inviting guest room. This room has all the indulgences needed to make a weary traveler feel right at home. When planning out the design for the room, I wanted something different to stand in for a traditional headboard.

I stumbled across this old screen at Third Monday Trade Days in Mckinney. The story of its beginnings, as I was told by the vendor, was that it was salvaged from a barracks in Ft. Chaffee, Arkansas. Legend has it that when Elvis Presley was inducted into the army, he stayed three days in Ft. Chaffee before being shipped to Ft. Hood, Texas. Supposedly, he stayed in the barracks where this window screen was removed from. Who knows, some of his DNA may actually be embedded in the wood of this old screen ~ ha ha!

I was thrilled to find out the screen was only going to set me back $15.00.  I gave it a light sanding to knock off any loose paint, cleaned it with soap and water and then sprayed it with a satin varnish.

I then attached D-rings (found at your local hardware store) to the back of the screen.

I added inexpensive Ikea wall lamps to each side of the "headboard" for nighttime reading.

I centered the screen over the bed and attached it to the wall with heavy duty picture hooks.

I added some cozy, comfortable euro pillows dressed in a sumptuous, soft linen. The duvet cover is one purchased a few years ago from Rachael Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture. She now carries a line at Target.

It doesn't require a lot of effort to transform an ordinary room into a little haven of luxury. A comfortable bed, luxurious linens and ample lighting goes a long way in saying "welcome" to your guests. I think this rustic window screen headboard is the crowning touch to this charming guest retreat.