The Red Shed

A couple of weekends ago I made a visit to Red Shed Cottage Chic Antiques with Kelley, Kelly and Sharon, some blogging buddies of mine. It was a beautiful day for us to explore this quaint little shop. We had an opportunity to meet the owners, Michele, Michele and Valarie and were fortunate enough to spend a little time with them. They welcomed us like we were lifelong friends and freely shared some of the stories behind their valued prizes. In addition to owning this delightful antique shop, the owners also have a travel agency that coordinates trips to Paris (where flea markets originated) several times a year. There was eye candy on every turn and I thought I might share some of the delectables with you. The Red Shed is a "must see" if you ever make a trip to Grapevine, Texas.

From the second we entered the property, I felt like I stepped into another time and place in the world. There were fabulous wares scattered inside and out.

The enormous red letters were hard to miss and were one of the first things to grab my eye (they caught Sharon's too...she made it home with the "S").

Creamy white dishes ~ ooh lah lah!

An old prescription log ~ I'm so glad someone decided to preserve it and chose not to toss it out.

A collection of vintage dressmaker mannequins. Someday I hope to have one of my own to artfully to display jewelry or clothing on.

Kelley walked away with this beautiful necklace that the owners purchased in Paris...lucky girl!!!

As we all toted away armfuls of treasures, our Saturday morning field trip left us happy and hungry. We walked a short distance and gladly partook of a scrumptious breakfast at Main Street Bakery ~ what better way to end our weekend excursion to Red Shed Antiques!