Things that Inspire

My Inspiration Organizer

Here's a little glimpse into some things that inspire me. I keep a clear plastic organizer on the inside of the closet door in my office. Every time I open this door I immediately feel energized. To some it may seem silly, but for me this is eye candy and my mind starts racing when I view all the contents in their pockets.

I always keep a variety of tags that I get at the office supply store on hand ~ when added to gift it makes it extra special.

Some of the items have sentimental value ~ like the miniature book that belonged to my mother-in-law when she was a little girl. I found it in the storm cellar one day when we were visiting the old homeplace in Comanche, Texas. The metal plate is a treasure from a Brussels flea market and the springs are from an old tennis racket press.

The plastic Nunn Bush Oxford shoe in it's little box belonged to my father. He received it back in the 1950's from a shoe store when he made a purchase. The vintage tags are from an old St. Louis hardware company.

Hooks have so many different uses and are so utilitarian. It seems like they end up everywhere in my home. I put them on doors and edges of shelves. I also use them to hang pictures from.

The little French metal tart tins are a treat my husband brought me from Homestead in Hico, Texas and as for the rusty shoe horns, they just seemed to rest splendidly in the same pocket with the tins.

Whatever it may be that inspires you, perhaps an organizer like this might be just the thing you need to continually spark the creativity that lies within you.