Come on in and Stay Awhile

Perusing the aisles of the local Goodwill store when I was a little girl led me to an endearing fascination with the old. The tattered, often overlooked and forgotten treasures, waiting to be rescued, filled every aisle. They quietly drew me in. At the time, I didn't realize trips to the thrift stores or yard sales were quite frankly a necessity for our family. We were faced with financial hardship after my dad died and this was one of the ways my mom helped make ends meet. Naively, I viewed these excursions as an adventure, a time of discovery, a welcome into the world of possibilities. I particularly fell in love with old doors.

Doors say many things to me...they welcome and invite, they protect...they say "Come on in." This door is one of the many I have collected through the years. It was discovered in the little town of Justin, Texas a while ago. An inexpensive find with wonderful chipped and crackled paint. I love it's muted color with it's subtle variations. The patina of the old hardware adds further value and character to it's beauty. I see it as perfect...with all it's imperfections, needing only to find an ideal landing spot. A few years ago, I added an old shelf I found at the Round Top Antiques Fair. The skeleton keys were my grandmothers.

The English biscuit tin, was found at an antique mall in Ruidoso, New Mexico. A lamp and a clock... w
onderful Canton Trade Days finds. This door has taken up residence in many different locations in our homes through the years. Today it rests on a wall in our bedroom. As this door beckons one to come on in, I too invite you to "Come on in" to the world of Tattered Style...the art of living with the not so perfect...and stay awhile.