Industrial TV Stand

It was an exciting day the day we purchased a new 50" plasma TV. We're usually at least 5 years behind the current trend when it comes to the latest technology. Honestly, it's because we are too frugal to pay the exorbitant price when something new hits the shelf. On the upside, it means deep pocket discounts when we are ready to buy. Amazing how waiting a few years will definitely save a few bucks! I thought I might share with you my solution for a stand for our recent purchase.

One of the foremost questions on my mind when we bought the rectangular beast was , "What in the world are we going to put this behemoth monster on?" Don't get me wrong, it sure does make for some great television watching.

As I began my quest for the perfect stand, there were two things that I discovered: 1) Most things on the market were quite costly and 2) Most things on the market were boring and predictable. So, I set out to find something with a little character.

I think I landed the perfect solution with this old metal industrial cart that I found at a flea market. In it's previous life, it was used in a school cafeteria (labeled underneath). I was elated! So, I made the purchase, loaded it up and hauled it home in the "mom van."

The cart was a perfect fit for the space. The only problem was it didn't have a shelf on the bottom for all of the TV and stereo components. I really wanted something more than new shelving so I made a visit to a local salvage yard.

This is "Oink", the pet pig at the salvage yard. Oh, the joys of scavenging ~ it's not everyday that you run across a pot-bellied pig.

I dug through heaps of scrap lumber and found some old tongue and groove flooring in good condition. They were loaded with character and exactly what I was looking for.

I cut the floorboards (actually, our neighbor John made the cuts ~ our saw is on the blink) long enough to rest on the already existing metal support strips on the cart. Then I gave them a light sanding and sat them in place.

Check out the locking casters; they were the icing on the cake for me.

The salvaged floorboards supplied more than enough space for the components. I think this wonderful old metal cart makes a unique stand for the TV and it was such an easy project. The best part is it cost a tenth of what I could get something new for. I love the end result!!!