Let There Be Lights

I've always had a thing for lamps. In the evening, I love the way they cast a beautiful glow in a room, changing the mood of the space altogether. Their illumination brings about a coziness, creating a warm and inviting environment. When it comes to vintage lamps, I've found that there are endless options available and can usually be purchased for little money. I typically do very little to alter a lamp, so as not to compromise the integrity of the piece. In the case of these lamps, I simply gave them a good cleaning with soap and water. However, when it comes to electricity, safety is a must. Luckily, only one of the four featured lamps below needed new wiring and it was quite simple to do, find out how here. All of the lamps below were purchased at random flea markets and cost $10.00 or less. They were originally used as desk lamps, but with a little adaptation, they have morphed into a variety of other lighting sources. With no further adieu ~ let there be lights!

The Find

This is the general condition of a common vintage desk lamp when I find it ~ pretty nondescript and not particularly appealing to the eye. But with a little coaching, even these modest looking lights can be transformed.

Wall Lamp

I ran across the wiry skeleton of an old lampshade (this one cost me $1.00!!) with its fabric already missing. I thought this might be an interesting shade to add to a lamp.

However, I opted to attach it upside down to do something out of the ordinary. I placed it over the socket and screwed the light bulb in (this holds the shade in place).

The blue/white plate is a treat my son Reagan brought me from Russia and the blue/white enamel house number is from Paris.

Since it's purpose is not for task lighting, I rather like the exposed bulb and I think the end result is quite clever.

Map Light

This wonderful old school map is a feature in and of itself, but with the addition of this old desk lamp, it really becomes a standout. I found this vintage light at Canton for $10.00.

I rewired the light and added a switch for an easy on/off function. It has a beautifully aged patina that has evolved over time.

I then hung it directly above the map. It now casts an illuminating glow and at nighttime it serves as the perfect night light.

Reading Light

I needed a reading light to go beside a chair in a bedroom.

To hang this light, I drilled a hole into the base of the lamp and attached it to the surface with a wood screw. I think the intricate detail of this lamp is lovely!

I added a neutral linen lampshade and now this lamp completes a favorite spot to rest, read or sip a cup of coffee.

Nothing thrills me more than to find a good deal. These lights were certainly more than that and now have added wonderful ambient lighting to our home. With a little searching, I'm sure you will be able to find unique lighting for your space as well.