My Window Dilemma

Recently, I had a dilemma with a couple of my windows. They were nondescript windows that lacked architectural interest and character. I decided to enhance them with some vintage door headers. Although these lackluster, standard windows were not much to look at, with the addition of some souped up door headers, these ordinary windows became extraordinary. I ran across these headers at various flea markets for less than $10.00. After giving them a good scrub, I added some funky hooks and attached the headers above the windows.

Guest Room Window

I love the shape of this header. These hooks are new, but look old. I purchased them at the local hardware store and aged them by soaking them in vinegar overnight. I added enough hooks so that each tie would have it's own.

The end result ~ these curtains seem so ethereal to me.

Office Window

I found these vintage hooks to be so unusual and the real bonus feature ~ they only cost $1.00 each at Canton.

The beautiful vintage laundry bag with the crumpled satin ribbons was a gift from a friend of mine. She so graciously shared this with me primarily due to the dog named "Buster" that is hand embroidered on the bag (so special as our beloved "Buster" passed away about a year ago).

The hand embroidery is exquisite. Thank you Rachael. :)