Fun, Funky, Functional Tables

Okay, so tables may seem like a less than exciting topic, yet this utilitarian piece of furniture cohabits with us all. However, on occasion it can be a challenge to find just the right table for a particular need. Every now and then I run across something unique that in one way or another grabs my attention. Eventually, these unrefined items have ended up as tables in my home. Please know, none of these projects are expensive or difficult. I will be providing step-by-step "How To's" to these and other projects on future blog posts.


Printer's Tray ~ I ran across this printer's tray at an antique store. It made for a fun table that we needed in our sitting room. All that was required to make over this table was a glass top and some legs made from plumbers pipe and floor flanges.

Printer's trays like these are also readily available at flea markets and on Ebay. The handcrafted basket was a purchase from Bajalia Trading Company.

A variety of miniatures fill different compartments of the tray. The tiny bust of "David" is from a trip to Florence. We bought the ivory elephants on a mission trip to China when Nat and I were first married.


Stop Sign ~ What teenager wouldn't like this funky table in his room? It has always been a favorite of the boys. It currently lives in Gavin's room.

I constructed it from a stop sign (purchased not stolen :) and some old bowling pins that I found at the Round Top Antiques Fair.


Grate ~ This table fashioned from a vintage floor grate functions so well as a side table for this small slipper chair and was super easy to make.

I love the already existing patina on the grate and left it is perfect to me.

Laundry Basket ~ This table began it's life as a collapsible laundry basket. I found it on an excursion to the Round Top Antiques Fair. All it needed was an inexpensive piece of glass on top to transform it into a functional bedside table.


Vintage Stool ~ I ran across this vintage stool at Canton. It has such a lovely patina on it. The crackled paint is fabulous in it's natural state. I wouldn't think of doing anything to change this piece. It makes an ideal resting spot for books (a collection from Nat's childhood) or a cup of coffee, conveniently located next to an easy chair in our living room.

Projects like these are easy and affordable. Almost anything with a flat surface can be transformed into a table. The next time you are in need of one, perhaps a little creative "out of the box thinking" can produce fun, funky, functional tables for your space as well.