milk bottles

Estate Sale ~ Slip Slidin' Away

A couple of weekends ago, I cautiously ventured out to an estate sale with Rachael, my junking sidekick. I say ventured, because the week prior was when the big ice storm hit North Texas. We had been cooped up for awhile and were feeling the itch to get out and scavenge. The roads were still pretty treacherous (for Texans that is) and consequently it took us over an hour to drive what ordinarily would take about 25 minutes. By this time our tummies were rumbling, and for Rachael and I, rumbling means grumbling. So, we made a quick detour by the grocery store, grabbed a snack and were on our way. Thankfully, our blood sugars leveled out pretty quickly and we were back on task. We continued to pass by many a stalled vehicle on the side of the road, and many others that were "slip slidin' away." Our main concern, aside from arriving at our destination safely, was to get there in time to stake our claim on some undiscovered treasures. I must say, it was well worth the the effort it took to get there. We came across as number of finds that we were happy to bring home, some for projects we are working on as well as a few treasures to keep for ourselves. Here are some of the goodies:

Vintage Mirror

A beautifully mottled mirror, detailed wood carvings and lots of character ~ what more could you ask for? I leaned this one up against the wall on a bedside table in my guest room. A nice addition for guests that might like to sneak a peak on the way out the door.

Conveyor Belt Strap Section

This strap from a section of an old conveyor belt was quite the find. When I saw it, I envisioned it as an interesting piece of wall art. I think it contrasts beautifully against the slate colored wall.

Oversized Apothecary Bottle

This jumbo vintage apothecary jar is unusual and rich in color. I positioned it on a night table to complete this cozy vignette.

Small Milk Bottles

These glass milk bottles are so basic, but I still have a fondness for them. Lined up together across a table or window sill, they make lovely vases for single stemmed flowers. I filled them with wooden lettered beads and perched them on a shelf.

Charcoal Drawing

I would love to know the story behind this unfinished drawing. It is amateurish and incomplete yet I find it so intriguing. I casually mentioned to my son, Gavin, that I might have an artist finish it up and he quickly reminded me, "You can't do that...another artist can't finish someone else's art." I so love that he gets it. :)

Vintage Linen Table Scarf

Black and cream ~ my color scheme ~ perfect in every way. Vintage linens with this color combo are difficult to find. I used this one as a table runner on an antique farmhouse table in our breakfast nook. The beautifully dried hydrangeas (my favorite flower) are from our flower bed.

I'm so glad Rachael and I braved the elements that Saturday morning, "slip slidin' our way" to an estate sale. It made for good memories with a dear friend and also landed us a bounty of wonderful undiscovered treasures.