leather chair

Gothic Window

I was captivated by this Gothic window when I first stumbled upon it at a flea market.  One might consider it simple ~ but I feel it is stately in its own right.  The window itself isn't ornate or showy but rather plain ~ and the frame is by no means elaborate.  I was drawn to the combination of its form, shape and texture and at $20 it was a steal ~ so, of course I found it necessary to bring home with me. 

I opted to display it in a a prominent corner of my sitting room.  I attached this curvy hook to the crown molding and let the window dangle from an extension of chain. 

The *chain idea was a signature detail that I borrowed from designer, Carol Hicks Bolton, a number of years ago.  Now, I use them everywhere.

The window's weathered finish pays homage to my love for the tattered style.  It's framing provides the perfect little narrow ledge ~  an ideal resting spot for this vintage letter "P" and this small cross by artist Jan Barboglio.

Simplicity at its best ~ in my eyes.

The beautiful Gothic window adds character to this relaxing little reading corner ~ my husband's favorite space to kick up his feet, sip a cup of coffee, read a spell and ponder all life's happenings.  The leather chair ~ a Pottery Barn purchase; the floor lamp ~ a thrift store find; the oversized wall clock ~ a family heirloom (more about that some other time).  Here's hoping you find time to kick up your feet this weekend. :)