ironing board

Industrial ~ Vintage Style

While I'm doing my best to get back in the swing of things...
after enjoying Thanksgiving week with family and friends...
I thought I might share a few of my favorite industrial ~ vintage things.

 I enhanced the top of the ironing board with the French word for laundry (laverie) a couple of years ago.

I love the metal, holey, thingamajig ~ I don't know what it is ~ do you?  I plopped it over the light bulb on this vintage lamp whose shade had gone missing.  When the light is turned on ~ it lets out hundreds of little circles of light.

An interesting cog with a wooden handle ~ industrial finery in my opinion. 

  1. Quirky metal folding chair with grey, speckled, vinyl padding ~ pretty cool!
  2. Desk Lamp w/makeshift lampshade ~ thanks Gavin ~ for permanently attaching it.
  3. Vintage books ~ Nat's and some from Maddie's wedding. 
  4. Cog coolness + love the wood handle!
  5. Wonderful old white enamelware table ~ I think a fish tank used to sit on it.  Read a great story about Reagan's fish tank experience here and here.
  6. A large wood spool ~ turned candle holder. 
All but the books were found here.  Have you been there yet?  If not, you should plan a trip!  I'm in the middle of planning and pulling out Christmassy things ~ I'll be sharing soon.  :)