Letters Galore

Lonely Letters
I begin this post with mixed emotions ~ a little bit of distress fused with a little enthusiasm as well.  Sorrowful, that I just dropped my camera and am unable to finish shooting photos for this post but on the other hand, exhilarated because now I am forced into purchasing a new camera ~ something I've been meaning to do for quite some time.

In spite of my most recent setback with my camera, I do want to share the photos that I was fortunate enough to capture prior to the mishap.

Last spring I made a trip to Round Top and stumbled upon a graveyard of old signage letters (see above).  Who knew what might be lurking in this dismal heap of mangled-up metal?  My hope was to unearth a "d" or a "p" or possibly the initial of one of my kiddos ~ and luckily enough I found this guy.

Simple and imperfect in every way ~ just what I was looking for.

Who knows?  It might end up here ~ resting on the floor...

OR...maybe here ~ on this bookcase.  I have a feeling this is one of those pieces, that will frequently rotate from room to room.  For now, I think I like it positioned atop this weathered bookshelf, standing watch over numerous design books.  The pretty flowers ~ courtesy of the mister. 

The generously sized letter "d", with its muted shade of gray, blends in seamlessly with my color palette.  And the beauty of it is ~ it does double duty as a "d" or a "p" depending on which way I flip it or whatever suits my fancy for the day.

On another note, I thought I would share my latest read with you ~ a little gift my husband recently presented to me.  He knows of my love for beautiful design books.  I was happy to be introduced to Patina Style by Brooke Giannetti and Steve Giannetti.  I promise this book will not disappoint and is chocked full of wonderful old patina styled furnishings and rooms.  I'm a little embarrassed to say, this was my first introduction to these wonderful designers ~ read more about them here on their blog, Velvet and Linen.  You will be taken away by their beautiful stylizing. 

P.S.  Farewell to my faithful little Samsung point-and-shoot who has been a loyal cohort for the past couple of years. You will be missed.  On the other hand, that means new and improved photos for Tattered Style. :)