Patina Green

An Antiquing Adventure

Read more about this little find below ~
After the sweltering 100+ degree heat has continued to wafe its way through Texas, it was a nice reprieve on Saturday when temperatures only reached the mid 80's.  I noticed people actually venturing out for awhile to take advantage of some cooler weather.  That's exactly what my dear friend, Kelley, from The Hidden List, and I did as we hit the antiquing trail.  We eagerly whiled away the hours going from store to store ~ and happily ~ we didn't leave empty handed.  We did pause long enough from our excursion to stop in to have lunch at Patina Green's.  I must tell you everything they serve is locally grown or raised and is whipped up from scratch ~ it was absolutely delish!  If you're ever in McKinney, TX :) you must stop by.  Afterwards we took advantage of their wonderful shop and scoured their store for all of the great French antiques they had in their inventory.  Kelley scored a great find I'm sure you would love to see ~ check it out here on The Hidden List ~ and here's some of my found treasures:

This miniature French book has so much charm ~ I fell for it's demure size and was attracted to it because of the beautiful foreign text.  I have great plans for its future ~ to be used in goodie bags for an upcoming blogger's luncheon.  I can't wait to share the finished product with you.

Generally globes with brighter colors are a little more easy to locate, while those similar to the one above are becoming increasingly more difficult to find.

So, when I stumbled across this old vintage school globe (obvious due to the fact there is no longer a USSR) with its soft muted shades of blue and green I nabbed it.  It suits my love for calmer colors just fine.

I couldn't pass up this interesting old oil painting.  Thanks to Kelley who has quite a wonderful collection herself ~ her love for beautiful oils is rubbing off on me.  Its colors are quite soothing and grabbed my attention ~ it abounds with so much wonderful detail.  I'm not really certain where this may end up in my house but it will work nicely in a number of spaces ~ I'm sure it will find its way to the perfect spot.  Another fine day of treasure hunting ~ so much better when shared with a friend. :) 

On another note, I'll soon be having an online tag sale for Tattered Style (it's high time to pass some things along for others to enjoy for awhile) ~ more about that soon!