Finding Art / Ikea Style

Last week I took a couple of days off and made a road trip to Austin to help Reagan with a little design work in his new apartment.   One afternoon while shopping, Reagan and I were grumbling about the agonizing trek we had just made through Ikea, and just as we were about to check out we  stumbled across a bin of wooden bathtub organizers.

We had been searching for something to hang above the sofa and had reconciled that we were going to be leaving empty handed...when I spotted these.  We laid them out on the floor and started playing around with options of how they could be hung on a wall.  At $5.99 each they were a bargain that couldn't be passed up.  We picked up five of them and determined our find made the journey through Ikea worth every step.   

When we got back to the apartment, we ended up hanging the organizers vertically ~ staggering them ever so slightly.  This installation helps them take on a modern feel, which is exactly what we were aiming for. 

Simplicity at its best.

The sofa is a story in and of itself ~ read more about Reagan's quest for it here.  The amazing rug came from here and the graphic pillows ~ are compliments of Chris, Reagan's roommate.  I have more pics of the living space so come back soon so you can see how the rest of it takes shape.  XO ~ Dana