Water Sprinkler / Paper Towel Holder

Today I'm excited to share how I upcycled an old lawn sprinkler into a paper towel holder.  We all know there are scads of towel holders on the market ~ but I couldn't land on one that I was crazy about.  Then I remembered this vintage iron water sprinkler I had in the shed.  It has character galore and was such a quick fix for what I had been searching for. 

Who knew this vintage lawn sprinkler would one day end up as a kitchen accessory?

I made a few adjustments to it so it could transition from the yard to the kitchen.  I gave it a scrub,  then wiped on a couple of coats of poly (find it here) with a clean cloth.  I actually used a piece of an old t-shirt to apply the sealer then allowed it to dry thoroughly.

The roll of paper towel fits perfectly on the sprinkler.  And it's heavy enough to stay in place when someone needs to tear a sheet of paper off so it won't go toppling over.  I love my new/old paper towel holder!  What do you think ~ fun, weird, cool, yep, nope?  I'd love to know your thoughts!