The Midas Touch ~ A Royal DIY

Yea!!!  I finally found a little time to give this demure table a makeover.  It's surprising what a $5.00 can of spray paint and a little TLC can do.  A friend from elementary school had this telephone stand in her home when she was growing up.  This past fall she passed it on to me in hopes that it might be given a second chance.  After living with it for awhile, I established it possessed a regal personality and decided to give it the Midas touch.  It was a very simple project with a magical result!  Read more below to see how it took on a more majestic role.    

It had seen its share of wear and tear over the years.

It required a little gluing~ I used Elmer's wood glue ~ and clamping (notice I placed pieces of wood between the table and clamp so the table wouldn't be damaged when I cranked the clamp tight) .

It all so needed to be cleaned up, so I ran over it with an electric sander a few times.  I used 220 grit paper to knock off the lacquer and smooth out the scratches.  And lastly I gave it several light coats of gold spray paint ~ I used Rustoleum Metallic in Gold.

Here she is in all her new found glory ~ I think the Midas touch suits her well (notice how "it" became a "she" ~ it seemed only fitting!).

The black and white framed print (which looks like a castle to me), bumble bee (a symbol of royalty) dish and ceramic glove mold (notice the resemblance of the Queen of England's gloved hand) are all flea market finds.  The marble egg (kinda makes me think of the goose and the golden egg) and vintage charm bracelet (representative of the Crown Jewels) were given to me by Nana.  Don't you think the transformed ugly duckling should feel right at home here?  ;)

*By the way, the lovely book perched on the shelf, is one of my current reads ~ Interiors Atelier AM by Alexandra and Michael Misczynski.  It's filled to the brim with eye candy for the heart and soul.  Find it here.   

**To my dear friend, Dena ~ I hope you are pleased with the outcome of the telephone stand and its transformation honors your mom and dad well.

And to all else, I hope this Easter weekend is meaningful for you and yours.  Happy Easter!!!