App: The Now ~ Mindful Living

iPhone Screenshot 2
Tattered Style is all about living, loving and making the best of where you are right now.  I've recently discovered an app for the iPhone or iPad called called The Now ~ Mindful Living that challenges me in this pursuit.  The free app uses push notifications throughout the day to share relevant messages about living in the present.  You'll be glad to hear you won't be inundated with annoying notifications.  Instead, you will receive subtle reminders via an audible chime and a message that help you slow down and stay focused on what's important. 

Thanks to my son, Reagan, for sharing this app with me ~ whatever would I do if it weren't for my threes sons who work diligently at keeping me informed when it comes to technology and such!  I hope you get a chance to check this app out ~ I've found it helps me regain some calm during harried days.   XO ~ Dana