The Twelve Years of Waiting ~ Master Bath Remodel Part I

It's been over twelve years since we moved into our current home.  Little by little, we've been working on updating our 1980's house.  However, back in 2000 when we moved in ~ by the time we got to the master bath most of the budget had been spent.  We did manage to rip out the nasty carpet (YIKES ~ carpet in the bathroom is never a good idea ~ especially with four males in the household) and replaced it with ceramic tile.  We also pulled the dated wallpaper and textured and painted the space.  Originally, this lovely window sported a stained glass of mauve seashells ~ argh!  For a quick inexpensive fix, I replaced the window over the tub with privacy glass.  A couple of years ago, we also pulled the old faux marble counter tops and replaced them with honed marble counters and rectangular undermount sinks.

This week officially began the final phase of the remodel of the tired, worn out master bath and the final part of the redo is underway. The Jacuzzi tub pictured above is gone.   

Additionally, there will be no more need to hiding the ugly (read more here) ~ the shower is no longer in existence.  In it's place will be an extension to...


...the world's smallest master closet.  Although, I keep a relatively neat closet, it sure is cramped.  I'm looking forward to the expanded space.

I'm also anticipating a wonderful, spacious shower where the Jacuzzi tub was once positioned.   

I'm still pinching myself that it's all taking place.  I do indeed love tattered style ~ in most places that is.  Maybe not so much when it comes to dated plumbing though.  

Stay tuned for the progress on the bath.  Hopefully, it will be completed by Thanksgiving.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  :)