Making Progress ~ Master Bath Remodel Part II

Although this is definitely NOT a pretty picture, there's proof in the pudding that the master bath remodel is underway and coming along nicely.  The demolition is now done and most of the dust has settled.  You can read about Part I here.  

The old diamond shaped window is gone and the space has been framed for a new window that allows me a to have a clear view of the sky and tippy top of the trees while I'm sudsing up.

The rock has gone up and the shower floor membrane installed.

The tile work is in progress and will be completed today ~ and the floor pan has been poured. 
Hopefully, the window will be ready to pick up today as well.  

As for the original shower ~ it has been demoed, a wall framed in its place and since this picture was taken, it's also been tape, bedded and textured.  You can see the before photos here.

Here's the inside of the new closet extension!!!

Just in case you're interested ~ here's my tile selections:

1.  Shower Walls ~ 4" x 12" subway tile in biscuit ~ somewhat larger than the standard 3" x 6" ~ which means less grout I will have to clean.

2.  Vanity ~ it sports honed crema marfil marble ~ it will also be used as the ledge for the frameless shower door to sit on.

3.  Shower Floor and the Accent Tile ~ I'm using this smooth pebble sliced stone in cream.  It will be soft on the tootsies for sure.

As the bathroom is speedily reaching completion, it looks like it won't be finished by Thanksgiving as I had hoped for.  This is partly my fault, as I've made changes along the way.  Oh, well ~ something to look forward to after Turkey Day.  I'm off to make paint selections ~ I hope to see you back here soon.  :)