Remember This Guy???

Back last fall, I made a trip to Round Top for the fall flea market.  You may recall I shared some of my finds from my shopping excursion ~ read more about it here.  One of my favorite finds was this wonderful old practice shooting target.  At the time, I was unsure of how I was going to display him ~ but knew I would eventually figure it out.  Sadly, he's been been rolled up in my office ever since.  But recently, I decided it was a shame to leave him in the corner as if he were being punished for misbehavior. 

After weighing my options, I opted to bite the bullet and have him framed ~ primarily so he would be protected and preserved.  Custom framing something this size isn't for the faint of heart ~ especially after I received the estimate.  I determined I would save my pennies and wait for Aaron Brother's 50% off sale, then I jumped on it and took him in.  I think they did a tremendous job ~ I love the way the simple frame compliments this unique and quirky piece of art. 

I nestled some other flea market finds beneath the art.  Read more about the metal ballot box here.  The piece of coral is a treasured gift from Nana ~ a memento from her trip to Australia.  

In addition, I added this wonderful thrifted chair to the vignette ~ read more about it here.  The pillow is a newly acquired addition from a sale going on at West Elm.  

The practice shooting target, no longer rolled up and forgotten in a corner, now boasts a prominent position in my home.  I think it only proper he has a name ~ what do you think it should be?  Have a good week!