Fleaing to my Heart's Content

Recently, I hit the road to do a little flea marketing.  I'm gearing up (no pun intended:) for the next  Dallas Market Vintage Home FINDS show which is coming up later this month.  I thought I would share some of my most recent finds from a fleaing excursion.  As always, I was amazed and fascinated at the never ending abundance of unique items I ran across while on a shopping adventure.  Most of these goodies will end up at market ~ while others will go on to live in some of my client's homes. 

Convex Mirror ~ In it's former life, this mirror served as a security mirror.  I love that it's convex and has a pivot on the back of it ~ its angle and position can be adjusted.

Book Press ~ I'll remove the random piece of wood the vendor laid across the bottom of the press so all of the beauty of this vintage piece can be appreciated.  I can't wait to give the press a good scrub ~ it's going to be spectacular!

60's Pendant Light ~ This funky 60's light is so cool!  The combo of the wood and cork makes it so interesting.

Laundry Cart ~ I have great plans for the skeletal remains of this old laundry cart.  It still sports it's original casters and will soon be outfitted with an interesting top so it will have a functional surface.

Spacers ~ These old industrial spacers will soon be reinvented as candle holders!

Leather Doctor's Bag ~ I was thrilled to run across this old doctor''s bag.  It is the perfect accessory for a design plan I've been working on.  The client is in the medical profession and was excited about this find (yea)! 

Shopping Basket ~ A sweet little cart on wheels.  It came in handy as I loaded it down with goodies throughout the day. 

Industrial Shelving ~ This sturdy cart with adjustable shelves has possibilities galore.  I would use it as  as a bookshelf, media center, display stand or as functioning storage in a kitchen or closet.  

Ballot Box ~ This metal canister was actually used as a ballot box on an Indian reservation in Kansas.  Notice the the slot on top where the ballots were dropped through and also the hinged hardware where a padlock was placed on.  I'll use it as a side table ~ it will also provide extra storage. 

Factory Stool ~ I love these old stools ~ still highly functional and useful.  I was happy to find out it's legs are also adjustable.   

Medical Stand ~ I wish my photo did this old medical stand better justice.  I'm going to clean it up and add a marble piece of slab to it.  Several ideas for it's use are running around in my head i.e. a plant stand, entry table or an art pedestal.  I can't wait to see how it ends up.

Thanks for stopping by today to visit Tattered Style.  I better scoot off and get busy cleaning this stuff up. I hope your week is a splendid one! 

P.S.  Put it on your calendar ~ once again, Gloria Burson (A Modern Glo), Kelley Copeland (The Hidden List) and Lisa Johnson (Cut and Paste) and myself ~ Dana Pugh (Tattered Style) will be coming together as Stash to exhibit our wares at the Dallas Market Vintage Finds show.  If you're part of the retail trade, please come by and see us on June 21 - 25.  We look forward to seeing you soon!