Baby Shower ~ Tattered Style with a Twist


I'm busy gearing up for a baby shower that I'm hosting this weekend, for my niece, Brittney.  While I do believe Brittney has an appreciation and a keen eye for vintage things, she doesn't quite have the same affection for the not-so-perfect as I do.  My challenge for the shower, is to create something special for the guest of honor and her baby boy ~  maybe tattered style with a twist.  I'm still working on some of the details, but one thing I know for sure is my collection of baby cups, some from my own family and some vintage ~ will be making their debut.   

Every now and then, I pick up these one-of-a-kind cups at antique stores, flea markets or thrift stores.  The delicate silver plated cup above was a Canton find ~ a real steal for a dollar.  

One that is particularly special to me is this porcelain cup that belonged to my husband when he was a baby.  My mother-in-law gave it to me as a gift when our first son was born.  Also, in my collection, are my own three son's baby cups. 

~ Reagan's ~

~ Corbin's ~

~ Gavin's ~

Another favorite of mine ~ this unique pewter cup.  Notice the embossed choo-choo train in the background with the words chew-chew imprinted on top.

That's all I'll be sharing today ~ I don't want to give away too much detail about the shower and spoil the surprises for my niece.  I'll be sure to share photos of this special Tattered Style event soon.  Have a good week.  :)

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