Christmas ~ Kitchen Window & Wreath


This is my kitchen window ~ I spend a fair amount of time in this very spot during the holidays.  So why wouldn't I want to make it a place worth being in?  I always hang my favorite wreath right above the sink to enjoy.  I'm enamored with square wreaths ~ I found mine here.  They come with pine cones already wired on and they smell heavenly.  I vacillate every year whether or not to tie on a floppy ribbon ~ but I think the wreath is so beautiful in and of itself, I always talk myself out of it.

Underneath the wreath on the window sill I line up some vintage scale weights ~ I think they look artistic, stately and strong.

My decorations by choice for Christmas ~ pretty + simple = a calmer me.  :)

A white ironstone pitcher (thrift store find ~ for only a dollar!) holds "candy cane" spoons.

Old silver glass ornaments lay nestled in a milk glass compote bowl ~ it belonged to Nana.

A little helpful hint:  I spritz the wreath with water every couple of days and it holds up nicely until the new year rolls around and it's time to pack Christmas away. 

That's all for today ~ I'm off to tackle some Christmas shopping ~ I hope you've gotten more done than I have.  I don't have one present bought yet ~ yikes ~ nineteen days and counting! 

P.S.  Be sure to check out my last post about my Ladder Christmas Tree.  XO