Some Serious Ray Guns

I'm prone to appreciate art that involves "out of the box thinking."  So, it's only natural that I love the fact that Gavin, my youngest, has recently taken up making, of all things...ray guns...I love it!  It's a hobby he picked up when school let out and the Texas blistering heat set in ~ and he's been diligently at it all summer.  His contraptions are made primarily from found objects, recycled parts and random gadgety things that have been laying around in the tool shed ~ and other items he purchased from junk stores and thrift shops.  He looks at things altogether differently compared to the way he did a month or two ago and now questions whether something might have "ray gun potential."  I've been so impressed with this artsy side of Gavin that I wanted to share some of these innovative pieces of art. 

The detail Gavin implements in every piece is offbeat and original.  Did you possibly recognize the parts from a vegetable strainer or an old flashlight in the pic above???

His most recent creation ~ this sci-fi looking blaster.  I can just see this being used in an intergalactic thriller. 

This one has a number of interesting parts ~ electrical conduit fasteners, old springs and disassembled lamp parts.  But my favorite feature is, with all certainty, the gauge that he made from an old wristwatch face.

This ingenious ray gun was Gavin's first brainstorm ~ Crazy Cool!

Can you spy the following three items ~ 1) the barrel from a curling iron; 2) a repurposed copper salt shaker;  3) a candle stick base?

Gavin ~ The Artist
If there is a downside to Gav's most recent imaginative venture ~ it seems he's wanting to dismantle any and everything for parts these days.  This comes as no surprise, since he's been in the business of curiously deconstructing things ever since he was a toddler. I love his inquisitive nature and am thankful to have a fellow creative in the house ~ we get each other.  Understandably, tools have gone missing, a number of drill bits broken and Gavin's trail is easily recognizable throughout the house ~ but honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way.  I love that he's expressing himself in this artistic way and revel in the fact that he dares to daydream while skillfully bringing his innovative creations to fruition.  Most recently, Gavin has been blogging about ray guns under construction.  Read more about them on his blog ~ Behemoth Inc.