This workspace is where I spend most of my time pondering over posts for Tattered Style.  This little corner of the universe is where I have the liberty to be completely and totally creative.  It's amazing to me how this teeny bit of square footage can provide such a sense of escape and freedom.  There's not one thing, by most standards, particularly indulgent about this spot.  In fact, the foundational piece of furniture, an old university desk ~ was found at a thrift store for less than $20.00.  I tossed a painter's drop cloth over it to conceal the unsightly laminate surface.  The unfinished sketch of the woman and dog was an estate sale find.  It leans casually against the wall and supports the undecorated approach to the room.  

It's the breakdown of all the little "things" on my desk that personalizes this space for me.  Papa's vintage stapler from his desk, a zinc letter "P" from Anthropologie, a set of stacking matryoshka dolls that my son brought me from a trip to Russia, an old English biscuit tin I found at a flea market and a hand painted coaster my son picked up for me in Switzerland.

Above my desk hangs a vintage wooden frame that I found on an antiquing outing.  I've repurposed it into a makeshift "inspiration board."  Meaningful objects are clipped to its wire with miniature clothespins I purchased at Walmart.  It's these little trinkets that inspire and motivate me ~  I could have easily incorporated a bulletin board or magnetic board that would have achieved the same purpose ~ but this appealed to me.

The beautiful hand-calligraphy (Dana) was used as a place card at a friend's wedding reception.   The black card reminds me of two things:  First ~ a memorable time in Chicago with some girlfriends (we each bought one to remind us of our time together) and second ~ it challenges me to live in the moment and make each moment count ~ some advice worth adhering to. The sepia toned photo is a cherished grade school photo of my father-in-law. 

This charming old English print hangs above the "inspiration board"  ~ a prized flea market find I picked up for a few dollars. 

To me, some of the best designed spaces are those that evolve or just happen.  They may not have been laboriously thought out or planned but somehow they end up possessing a wonderful, uncontrived feeling to them.  That's how myspace came to be...I hope you have a corner of the world similar to this ~  providing you the opportunity to dream and be inspired.  Have a good weekend. :)