Table It!

Who would have ever thought a few weeks ago that this unsuspecting barn door would end up in these wonderful photos taken by Amanda Kate Photography?  It all began a few months ago when Rachael (my designing sidekick) and I were on yet another quest to find that "not-perfect-piece" for a job we were working on.    

We were in search of something we could convert into a table to be used in a large meeting room.  We spotted this forlorn looking barn door at Lots of Furniture and knew at once this would fit the bill.  We loved the generous proportions this door had to offer and were eager to give it a transformation.  It didn't hurt that it only set us back a whopping $20.00.    

It required a few carpentry skills to adapt this door into a table ~ but nothing too daunting to tackle.  Besides ~ if there's ever an opportunity for Rachael and I to operate power tools ~ we're all in!  So, we lugged it back to the shop and went to work.   

Corbin jumped in and helped us out on the project.  Here, he and Rachael are horsing around a bit while reinventing this old door.  ** No persons were injured during this process. :)

As the story played out, the table ended up being utilized as a prop for this photo shoot for an ad promoting a teaching series.

More of Amanda's beautiful photography ~ she did this table proud!

It just goes to prove there's potential with just about anything.  After being used as a prop, this table will take up permanent residence in a general meeting space ~ and is guaranteed to be used and enjoyed for years to come. 
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