Anthropologie Inspired

Pretty!!!  Wouldn't you agree?

Inspired by Anthropologie's Dawning Lark Bed, this old wrought iron screen door that a friend of mine gave me, has been reinvented as a headboard.  Although it's not symmetrical, I still think that when turned horizontal, it resembles and has the same feel as the one at Anthro. The scrollwork helps in mimicking the bed I was inspired by.  

It required sandblasting and powder coating but the cost still came in way under the price of the bed at Anthropologie.  I had the work done at a local body shop ~ the $150.00 I spent for the makeover was a lot easier to swallow compared to the $2000.00 sticker of the Dawning Lark Bed.

Notice the panel on the right side of the headboard ~ it works out perfectly as a magnetic board for small photos.

Since the headboard doesn't have siderails and a footboard, I attached the screen door directly to the wall (making sure to locate the studs for needed support).  The end result ~ I'm inspired!

Have a good weekend ~ :)