Vintage Dress Form

I made a trip down to San Antonio yesterday to pick up a new found friend.  I’ve been searching for her for years and miraculously met her at Brimfield.  She was lost and lonely and I told her she could come to Dallas and live with me.  However, we had one big obstacle to overcome and that was how to get her home.  I discovered she had a fear of flying ~ and besides she couldn’t fit in my suitcase or the overhead bin.  This left me scrambling to find her transportation home.   

Just as we were beginning to lose hope, we were introduced to a fellow Texan who agreed to let her hitch a ride in exchange for a tank of gas (thanks Andy).  She didn’t complain a bit about the long trek home, in spite of the fact that she had to ride in the back of an unairconditioned trailer.  Additionally, her trip made a detour by way of San Antonio.  She faced more hardship and obstacles when she was held up in an old warehouse for the last couple of weeks.  Nat and I were able to get away to rescue her from her plight ~ just only yesterday when we drove down to pick her up. 

A photo of us when we were first introduced. 

She was weary from her travels and ecstatic to finally be en route to her final destination.  She slept all the way home and didn’t budge an inch.

She’s quite confident in herself and doesn’t attempt to hide her age, in fact she has her birth year prominently tattooed on her torso.  :)  

She is now recuperating from her many adventures and is doing her best to acclimate to her new surroundings.  I’m not certain which room she will ultimately take up residence in, but for now she is resting in the corner of my bedroom.  She’s so thankful to no longer be living her nomadic lifestyle.  I think she deserves a badge of honor for her bravery and longsuffering.  However, for now she is completely unadorned except for a few of my favorite vintage necklaces. 

I’m hoping she likes her new home and is happy to be here, as I am happy to have met my new found friend.  And seriously, she’s a really good listener, never disagrees and rarely complains.  ;)

P.S.  I’m thinking my friend needs a name ~ any suggestions?